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iHF3 High Frequency Battery Charger

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The PowerCharge iHF Series is a line of three phase high frequency smart chargers for industrial electric forklift trucks and vehicles. Designed for conventional, opportunity, and fast charge applications, the line features state-of-the-art MOSFET/IGBT high frequency technologies resulting in high efficiencies, smaller sizes, and lighter weight units.

ihf3 seriesBenefits

  • Improved battery and truck availability
  • Increased labor productivity via reduced or eliminated battery change outs
  • Reduced truck down time
  • Lower service time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced capital expense via need for fewer batteries
  • Avoidance of peak power demand penalties with fast, programmed charging
  • Increased energy efficiencies and reduced energy costs

Multi-Voltage + Multi-Capacity + Multi-Chemistry

  • Only one type of charger needed across plant to meet variety of battery charging needs.
    • Each of the 3kW and 10 kW chargers can be configured for conventional, opportunity, and fast charging applications.
      • Allows for use of any available charger
      • Redundant operation
      • Industrial battery charger for electric forklift trucks and vehicles from 24 volt to 80 volt
  • The charger can be programmed to meet the needs of any battery chemistry including flooded, Gel, and AGM Lead-Acid batteries.
    • Advanced on-board microprocessor controls allow for easy programmability and configuration.

Unmatched Energy Savings

  • High charging efficiency – 92%
  • High power factor – 96%

Remote Management

  • Use patented battery monitors, including the PowerTrac SP+, to optimize vehicle and battery use and to manage batteries, chargers, and vehicles remotely through the web-based application, PowerCharge.NET.

Integrated Peak Power Management

  • Chargers can be programmed for limited or no use during Peak Hours.

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